About Us A New Zealand Chemical Supplier

We are proud to be a NZ Chemical Supplier. Starting with just three products - Turpentine, Methylated Spirits & Kerosene (TMK), we now sell over 40 chemicals & solvents from Acetone to Zethanol, packed in sizes from 500ml to 1000 litres. As we have bulk chemical handling & storage facilities in Manukau Auckland, we are also able to contract pack and provide solvent blending services as well as being a nationwide chemical distributor. Offering customer house labels.

Chemical Packing, Blending And Procurement Services

We invite customers to take advantage of our experience as contract solvent & chemical packers, and our bulk buying power of raw solvent & chemical ingredients, including product packaging. For some customers we can manufacture their finished product cheaper than they can buy their raw ingredients. Call us, we may be able to save you time and money.


All our products have complete free Safety Data Sheets (MSDS or SDS), which you can access on each product page, or all together on the resources page.

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