Other Products

We may also be able to supply products such as:

Product Common names
Methylene chloride Dichloromethane
NBA (Acetate) Butyl ethanol, one butyl acetate, acetic acid butyl ester
NBA solvent n
Perk solvent 200 Tetrachloroethylene, ethylene tetrachloride, carbon dichloride, carbon dichloride, perchloroethylene
Gun wash Flammable liquid nos
Gum Rosin Gum Rosin
Diacetone Alcohol Hydroxy aliphatic ketone, 2-Methyl-2pentanol-4one. 4-hydroxy-4methyl-2pentanone alcohol
Solvent Blend 601 Solvent Blend 601, Group Standard 2006
Zethanol low odour ethanol

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