Mineral Turpentine (Turps)

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TURPS - Widely used multi-purpose solvent for thinning oil based paint, cleaning brushes and paint spills. Removes oils, tar and grease from metal and some plastic surfaces.

  • Common name(s): Turps, White Spirit, HAWS, High Aromatic White Spirits, Petropine, Turpentine substitute,
  • UN Number: 1300
  • Code: T

Mineral Turpentine (Turps) Common Uses

  • Paint and Resin Manufacture: Used as paint thinner of oil based paint. A component in thinner formulations for both paint and varnish coatings and is also used extensively by painters “on the job” where solvent based coatings are being applied.
  • Widely used in the manufacture of alkyd resin based coatings particularly in industrial and exterior finishes due to high odour.
  • Industrial Cleaning: Mineral Turpentine is used in many industrial operations as a general cleaning solvent. It will readily remove oil and greases from metal surfaces.
  • Household cleaning and domestic herbicide capable of killing almost all unwanted growth.
  • Solvent carrier in the manufacture of shoe and furniture polishes, liniments and ink.
  • A rubber solvent and reclaiming agent.
  • Used in the synthesis of camphor and menthol.

Note Vegetable Turpentine

Is a different product listed as Gum Turpentine in the Paint Thinner category.


  • Mineral Turpentine is a refined water-white petroleum solvent of moderate volatility. It is composed of up to 50% aromatic content which ensures very good solvency for this type of product. Mineral Turpentine is often referred to as “Turps” .

Note we are also bulk Mineral Turpentine suppliers in New Zealand.
Industrial customers who buy Mineral Turpentine are advised to download and read the Material Safety Data Sheet below.
Mineral Turpentine sold in: 1 Litre, 2 Litre, 4 Litre, 20 Litre, 60 Litre and 200 Litre Drums.

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Mineral Turpentine (Turps)
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